Sticks & Bones is Aucklands' premium dog walking service.

Our goal is to not be the biggest dog walking service, but to provide the best quality dog walking service based on great relationships, experience & knowledge. We walk the best dogs ever and we love it!

Daily Dog Walks

Almost every dog needs an hour of daily exercise, and the best exercise for dogs is walking & hiking. Active dogs behave better and the act of walking exercises a dog’s mind and is a great training tool. 

Dog Adventure Walks

Whether it’s tearing through the bush or driving in to the surf dogs love new adventures. We provide extended exercise for dogs of action who appreciate a more rousing enterprise.

Solo Dog Walks

Some dogs are loners and need to blaze their own trail. We offer solo walks for reactive dogs who need some extra care when it comes to exercise that thrive with one-on-one experiences.

Meet & Greet

We come and meet you and your dog at home, in a familiar, chilled out environment and have a chat about what your dogs exercise needs are. It’s completely free and the perfect opportunity for you to check us out & ask us about our service.

Assessment Walks

Sticks & Bones complete up to six assessment (solo) walks to evaluate basic skills and assess character temperament. Finding out a dog’s individual personality, likes and dislikes determines which group your dog will join.

Join a Group

Once we’ve done enough assessment walks and feel that your dog is comfortable with us we’ll introduce them into a group which best suits their personality, energy and other characteristics.

Sticks & Bones are genuine dog lovers! My dog went through a patch of bad recall, Amanda really worked hard on this and now he is so much better - Bob thinks Amanda is the bomb!

Rachael, Bobs owner.

My German Shorthaired Pointer Rory just loves to walk, play, swim and stalk birds, and nobody understands his needs like Sticks & Bones, and I know he is in expert hands when he's out and about with Sticks & Bones.

Moyra, Rory's owner

I totally trust Amanda with my boy Zach who is loving his walks with Amanda. Sticks & Bones offers a wonderful service, and has been especially helpful while I have been unwell and unable to take Zach out myself.

Jo, Zachs' Owner

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